shutterstock_206205922There are times when young people at school need some extra help for one reason or another. They may have lost confidence or life outside of education has become too chaotic to cope for one reason or another. Maybe a learning difficulty makes mass education a trauma for them and everybody around them. Whatever the reason Innovate wants to help.
At Innovate Dorset, we believe it is important to help young people regain their momentum and enjoyment of learning, so they can quickly re-join their classmates, but sometimes a longer, more planned out approach is necessary.
Our Tutors are patient and supportive and follow the same practice as our Mentors to build a solid professional friendship based on mutual trust and respect. Aiming to help support the learner reintegrate back into education or who intend to complete English and Math Fundamentals level 1 and 2 and planning to proceed on into further college education.
Innovate Tutors can also help if a scheduled “Managed Move” for a student is on the cards, by keeping the young person engaged with education until the move is complete.

Tutoring sessions are £100.00 per two hour session, with our qualified teachers at the D6 Unit

Pupil collection and return is included in the price depending on distance from the unit. Pupil’s wishing to attend the course outside of the Bournemouth area may have to make extra arrangements or pay an extra mileage cost to the attend course.