Welcome to Innovate Dorset, specialists in helping children and young people re-engage with education, work and training.

Working alongside local authorities, we offer a part-time Alternative Provision in various exciting and engaging youth projects across Dorset and the surrounding areas.




INNOVATE DORSET'S intervention model is designed to support both individuals and targeted groups who may be identified as:

  • Vulnerable and/or at Risk
  • Special Educations Needs and Disability (SEND)
  • Looked After Children (LAC)
  • On the Cusp of Exclusion
  • Disengaged from Education


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Agile & Responsive

Able to move quickly and easily, we pride ourselves on responding to the needs of our customers, creating the bespoke package, and delivering the intervention they need.

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Professional & Flexible

We recognise the need for a quality provision in alternative education. Therefore, we have recruited a flexible team of experienced professionals with a wide range of skills and knowledge to deliver our bespoke service.


Mentoring & Befriending Service

Introducing a positive adult role model into a young life can have a substantial impact,

increasing confidence, building self-esteem, practising social and life skills.

Learning Mentoring

Our interim service is well known and respected for offering a supportive part-time  package working to reintegrate the participant back into fulltime education, find employment or go on   to further education

XLR8 +16 Project

Our successful +16 project offers a supportive path and package for young people not ready to access further education or employment. Gaining the confidence and skills they need to move onwards.

Our Mission is to bring practical education, both formal and informal, to children and young people crafting lifelong learning skills. 

By choosing to pursue a nurturing approach to encourage participation in our sessions, we engage with children and young people at a level they can easily connect with adults and their peers. 

Recognising and cultivating their potential, striving for adventure and excellence, in a safe environment, supported by a wealth of creative and proficient adults.

Our Mission Statement


We believe in finding the right person for the right job; we don't always get it right the first time, but we pride ourselves on being responsive when we know something isn't working, and sometimes a tiny change can make a big world of difference.

Regardless of the situation, we like to start at the beginning. Nobody knows and understands their child better than Parents; we will make the time if and when appropriate to meet with parents and their child to make a fuller referral.

It is crucial that we all feel valued and not alone. We encourage constant communication and support within our team to make sure we have created a positive working environment.

We encourage children and young people to try new things, approach challenges positively, and actively seek support if needed so that nobody feels left behind.

We aspire to inspire and empower children and young people referred to us, to reach for and exceed their goals - whatever they may be.


Whether the student is working from home, school, or at our Hub based in Wimborne, could one of Innovate's part-time interim services be the bespoke solution to a problem you've been looking to solve?